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Rotweine - Vinos tintos

Acon Roble




9,50 €

The perfect fruit and wood blend, which enhances its aromatic intensity. Composed exclusively with Tempranillo from vines 15 years old, fermented at 23 ° C. Aged for five months in oak barrels riped in the bottle during minimum five months



General description:  5 months of ageing in new oak casks

Variety:  100 % Tempranillo (Tinta Fina)

Color: Deep, dark cherry-red, with marked purple hues. Clean and brilliant.

Nose: Intense and very well-balanced. Elegant. Attractive notes of ripe red and black berries. Appealing notes of concentrated ripe fruit, accompanied by chocolate, liquorice and cocoa.

Mouth:  Spicy, toasty background with hints of toffee and coffee.

Finish:  Enveloping and persistent

Acon Crianza




13,90 €

The star of Ribera del Duero, ripe, complex and rich in nuances.
Composed exclusively with Tempranillo from vines 20 years old and fermented at 28 º C.

Aged during fourteen months in French oak Bordeaux barrels and twelve months rounded in the bottle

General description:  14 months of ageing in casks of oak

Variety:  100 % Tempranillo (Tinta Fina)

Color:  Deep, dark, cherry-red, with light iodine hues.

Nose: Powerful and intense. Notes of vanilla, liquorice and leather with ripe red fruits.

Mouth:  Powerful and well-structured with presence of very ripe tannins and hints of stewed ripe fruit

Finish:  Tasty, envelopping and persistent.

Acon Reserva




26,00 €

For lovers of complex wines, very mature and a special presence of wood.
Composed with Tempranillo (85%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (15%) from vines 25 years old, fermented at 30 ° C. Aged during eighteen months in new barrels of French oak and twenty-four months rounded in the bottle


General description: 18 months in new casks.

Variety: 85 % Tempranillo - 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon

Color: Brilliant, dark, cherry-red, with edges garnets, very covered.

Nose: Very intense, sweet, ripe, it reminds strawberry jam, black fruits in season, Indian ink and liquorice. Toasted and smoked notes. Sweet background of vanilla

Mouth: Powerful, with a fruit-bearing expression, turns out to be fresh but with character. Sweet tannins and meaty. Great development and notable tour. Balance.

Finish: Tasty, enveloping and persistent.

 Bodega Abadia de Acon

Bodega Abadia de Acon

Abadía de Acón is located in the heart of the D.O. Ribera del Duero, in Castrillo de la Vega, Burgos.
The original cellar, hewn out of rocky clay, is one of the deepest and largest in Castrillo de la Vega.
Here, during many centuries, our family made wines using traditional methods.

In 1953 our grandfather, Norberto Carrasco, built concrete vats in the cellar and, through a wise combination of concrete and wood, managed to make graceful, fruity, mature and elegant wines.

Since then we kept taking care of the land and vineyards, making wine thanks to the traditional way and using the knowledge necessary to realize our current project.

Today it is Jose Antonio Carrasco who has inherited his grandfather's wisdom to bring forward a great wine to his children and grandchildren so that our company remains during a long time.